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In fact one of my YA series – The Masks Series, has made a natural transition into NA as my high school senior became a college freshman and is about to become a sophomore in the third book ( – due for release Jan 30th).

I never intended the series to become NA so I have kept the writing very clean and only used cussing to keep my characters authentic.

You also had adults who were still keen on YA, but again, wanting a little more than what it had to offer and so NA was born and yay for me, because I LOVE NA fiction!They will only query literary agents who represent their genre, and approach publishing houses who have an imprint dedicated to it.But for those just starting out on their writing journey, the categories can seem daunting., meaning 'independent style' was first incorporated into the English language.

Henceforth the publishing industry adopted the word to label their story classification system. It became the classification for every library shelf in the world.But I get an especial kick out of narratives that force their protagonists through the proverbial wringer, for reasons too obscure to really parse out; I only mention this because it might be why I have such a soft spot for “Insane In The Mainframe.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m confident enough to say this is a good episode without fear of contradiction. The thing is, Fry suffering is really only the middle section of the episode.

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