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So, let's shed some light on Ellie's life within and beyond the screen.

Ellie Kendrick started her career when she was in her mid-teens.

Louise openly flaunted about her man and official confronted it, but she has well tucked in about his details.

After the revelation, no other information regarding her man got obtained, while sources claim her to be possibly single with no husband.

They want to know whether she is dating a boyfriend or still single.

Edward "Ted" Hills is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera East Enders, played by Brian Croucher.

Welcome to Tarty - Latest News - Massive collection of high quality female celebrity images, videos and babes. I'll try and watch week 3 after uploading this update and may update the site again later in the week with those images. His performance was literally amazing and far better than it should have been for so early in the competition.Gregg seems like such a jolly chap too, so how you cannot form a bond with the fellow.