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They have a nice indoor pool and a wonderful baby class. Miss Lisa (pronounced more like Liesel from the Sound of Music only without the “l” at the end. ) was super sweet and patient with the kids and tolerated lots of mom chatting.

Owen’s favorite activity what when she would give each child a plastic watering pail and one child would hold a clear umbrella over their head while the others showered him. I don’t know if Owen learned a bit but he sure had fun!

Asia’s a big place, after all, and it’s not just comprised of China, India, Japan, and Korea.

People of various Asian nationalities have been immigrating to the US for over 150 years, and not all immigrants or children of immigrants are straight, able-bodied females. When Maya’s parents leave her in charge of the family restaurant for the first time ever, she is excited. The Tao Jones, better known as TJ, is a standout athlete who refuses to join any of his high school’s sports teams until he reluctantly agrees to help start a school swim team. Ana Shen’s Chinese-American father’s parents and African-American mother’s parents will eat together, but cooking together is another story. Abandoned by her mother, Emi-Lou lives in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii, with her grandmother.

is not a monolithic culture or race or experience, but it’s hard to tell based on the YA novels available.You’re certainly more inclined to achieve in receiving a loan whenever you have this sort of help.

The second date is an opportunity to see each other a little more clearly and decide if they would like to begin to get to know each other better.… continue reading »

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