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25-Jul-2017 06:17

The table, which has been posted on an number of blogs, has attracted thousands of comments from both Britons and foreigners claiming the interpretations are true to life.

Duncan Green, a strategic adviser for Oxfam who posted it online, described it as "a handy guide for our fellow Europeans and others trying to fathom weaselly Brit-speak". It’s just one of those great things that is being passed around on the internet." Although the author of the table is unconfirmed, it is thought it may have originally been drawn up by a Dutch company as an attempt to help employees working in the UK.

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By "both languages," I mean the language of the original document and the language to which you translate that original.So, what do the words to 'Despacito' — translation: "Slowly" — actually mean?A dating app in which 95% of the guys are looking for casual sex or nudes to jack off to, and 95% of the girls are either looking for bae or just want to make friends...year of life, but now that I’m 50, it’s time to dust off the dancing shoes and get back out there.

As I am trying to think of ways to wade into the dating pool, I started to think about the dating scene after 50.

Then you have the guys who have let themselves go, but think they still look hot.

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